IFGfit Laundry Bag



You may have noticed that we included a mesh laundry bag with your purchase. This is to properly care for your IFGfit posture apparel!

This laundry bag is made of a porous mesh material that allows soap and water to pass, while providing a barrier to other articles of clothing and the laundry machine itself. That barrier also protects your item in the wash and prevents its fabric from getting damaged. Using the mesh bag over time will extend the value and life of your clothes.

Sizes: we recommend the small size for items such as sport bras, shorts, and leggings; and the medium size for tops such as shirts and long-sleeves. 

Directions: to use the mesh bag, place your apparel inside, zip close the bag, and place into a washer set on cold and gentle. Once your items are washed, take the items out of the bag and hang dry.