"I now feel positively naked when I work out in anything else—and a whole lot slouchier, too."
-Erin M., Well+Good

"As a surgeon, I get a lot of neck strain and shoulder fatigue from performing numerous surgeries per day. The IFGfit posture shirt is very comfortable, and it has relieved my neck and back tension from taking care of patients."
-Earl B., Orthopedic Oncology Surgeon

"The IFGfit shirt changed my posture in one second."
-Gary B., Lawyer

"This shirt can help everyone everyday, it's not just for tennis pros."
-Nick B., Hall of Fame Tennis Coach/Mentor

"The first time I put the IFGfit shirt on was amazing. It naturally pulls your shoulders back, opens your chest and aligns the body the way we are supposed to be. Effortless and painless with significantly reduced tension and improved breathing. I want all my clients to wear this."
- Svet B., Athletic Trainer, Former 2x World Sumo Wrestling Champion, Bulgarian National Team Coach

"I've had a lot of issues in the past with neck and shoulder injuries with a lot of pain coming from the tension there. I've tried many different products, but as soon as I put on this shirt, I could feel the tension going away."
- Julia C., Former Division 1 Collegiate Fencer

"The IFGfit bra elevated my body effortlessly, making me pain free from my disabilities from previous neck, spine and head injuries. While wearing it, I felt like my renewed, athletic self and have overcome my physical challenges."
- Pamela D., Screenwriter

"Confidence, that's what I feel. This is not your average shirt. It's amazing!"
-Picasso D., Champion Body Builder

"The IFGfit shirt helps to propulse my shoulder and arms in running. It is more than just recovery gear."
-Rasheed D., Jamaica National Track Team

"After wearing the IFGfit bra, I can only say wow!"
-Sylia G., Corporate Tech M&A Lawyer

"Being a professional golfer who's traveling and competing worldwide, recovery is of the utmost importance. IFGfit allows me to feel more rested on long travel days when I'm sitting on the plane for long hours or walking and playing many consecutive rounds."
- Benjamin L., Professional Golfer, PGA Tour China

 "I like to call it the magic shirt. Somehow, it manages to be both comfortable and highly functional. It instantly improves my posture and gives me the feeling of lengthening the spine."
- Akash M., Venture Capitalist

 "My neck tension was tremendously relieved wearing IFGfit during my daily life on campus."
-Imon R., MIT Student

 “As a traveling pro golfer, I’m always in need of work on my posture and help with recovery. The IFGfit shirt is just what I’m looking for to maintain posture during travel and after a long round of golf.”
-Rohan R., Professional Golfer, PGA Tour Latinoamérica