Publication/ Presentations

Publications/ Presentations

Effects of a Smart Posture Gear on Chest Expansion and Rehabilitation:  Publication in Progress.

Posture Wellness Solutions in the Workplace: A Current Review: J Ergonomics, Vol. 9 Iss.3 No. 252, 2019

Effects of an invisible spinal alignment smart posture gear on chest expansion and rehabilitation:   Costa Blanca Sports Science Congress, Spain, 2019

A Compliance Evaluation of a Wearable Technology for Posture Ergonomics:  J Physio&Rehab, 2019. 

A Self-Correcting Posture Activewear for Work, Sports, and Recovery: J Sports Medicine and Doping 2019.

Assessment of an Innovative Posture Science Active Wear on Division One Collegiate Student Athletes: J Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, 2019. 

The Effects of a Dynamic Apparel Technology on Scapular Kinematics and Muscle Activity: Advances in Ortho&Sports Med, 2018.