IFGfit offers the world's first activewear collection using patented FDA Class II Medical Device Posture Correction Technology, PPR® (Posture, Performance and Recovery). Using patented engineered fabrics, the user's posture is constantly trained throughout the day by keeping the shoulders back, opening up the chest and hips along with the lengthening of the spine. We have prioritized a natural look and feel to the product, without bulky braces or wiring, or wet suit like tightness. Users have natural or improved range of motion, more than with a regular t-shirt or sports bra. Also, since one of the best by-products of improved posture is enhanced breathing, we engineered the activewear to open up the chest and keeping the shoulders back better than any regular clothing or uniform. It was important for our garments to be very functional and wearable, just like normal activewear, so that they'd be suited to everyday living and with added ergonomic health benefits.

The technology is powerful enough for daily use (injury prevention and recovery) by a growing cohort of professional athletes, and is equally well suited to people who work in offices who are more recreationally active, making it an every day, lifestyle solution. Very quickly and over time with regular wear, users can expect a physical transformation with a decrease in pain, increased shoulder and rib cage mobility, spinal alignment, and enhanced breathing. Overall a cost effective ergonomic lifestyle solution in and out of the work place. All our garments are made sustainably within the United States.