We created the only US made performance-ready posture gear, not only does it come with style and comfort, but is also packed with medical benefits. IFGfit's patented Invisible Anti-Slouch (PPR) technology, instantly springs the shoulders back, chest expanded, hips aligned and retrains spinal proprioception to support your back, shoulder, and hips. The PPR technology consists of a wire-free patented invisible construct that instantly springs the shoulders back, in symmetry and closer to the spine, accentuates eccentric shoulder kinematics for better performance and recovery. Our patented technology is evidence-based, built free of compression and made locally in the USA.

 Shoulders Back, Chest Expanded, Hips Aligned.

Our unique engineered fabric construct springs the shoulders back, chest expanded for deeper breathing, and hips aligned to keep your body ready and recovered for daily tasks.  This transformation takes place without compression. Unlike other posture wear technology which focuses on vertical compression, IFGfit focuses on horizontal tension to internally align you all day.

The PPR technology realigns you internally recreates the benefits of the ‘bridge’ position in yoga. The fabrics’ stimulation of specific areas of the wearer’s muscles keeps the wearer’s shoulders symmetrical and closer to the spine, and by opening your chest cavity for deeper breathing. This biomechanical alteration reduces stress in the neck, shoulders and back.


How Does It Work?

Our technology utilizes instant shoulders back, chest expansion, hips open kinematics and posterior muscle proprioception to reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, spine, and hips.  This upright posture also decreases tension and muscle activity within the trapezius (shoulder muscle), activating the erector spinae (lumbar musculature) for less spinal fatigue, all of which promotes a taller stance, better breathing, and improved performance.   



PPR: Posture, Performance and Recovery in 4 Steps

  1. Shoulders spring gently back and closer to the spine, in symmetry instantly, comfortably and naturally: POSTURE Perfect.
  2. The wearer’s chest expands out naturally for deeper breathing and keeps hips open and mobile: PERFORMANCE-Ready.
  3. PPR's kinematic change re-aligns the head, neck, shoulders, spine, and hips with multiple joint muscle activation while reducing tension in the neck and shoulder areas: RECOVERY-Wellness.
  4. All PPR integrated apparel comes with horizontal tension feedback technology which responds to the natural slouching posture, dissipating the fabrics’ tension when the upper body moves into better alignment, and reactivating the same tension if the slouch occurs again. Because of this, the PPR technology self-corrects shoulder protraction and retraction while continuously training the body to be in the perfect shoulders back posture alignment.

Tall. Confident. Feel Good.

As posture improves, our research shows wearers feel taller, which increases confidence and reduces fatigue. With the body in perfect posture alignment, the shoulders and spine can heal and recover more quickly, the expanded chest allows for deeper breathing, and allows for full motion body movement. All of which promote a better body and mind. Our Anti-Slouch technology is invisible from the outside, allowing you to stand confidently and take care of your body.

Instant Shoulders Back, Chest Expanded

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