Our Technology: PPR

We designed and crafted a smart posture activewear to correct posture and retrain spinal proprioception to combat neck and back pain.  The PPR technology consists of an invisible inner layer, wire-free, engineered fabrics that self-corrects posture during work, play and travel. Our technology has multiple patents, is evidence based, built without compression and made locally in the USA.

 Posture Wellness

Our unique engineered fabric construct (outer fabric and inner smart fabric combined) self-corrects the wearer’s posture and improves chest mobility by naturally realigning the wearer’s head, neck and spine without compression.

The PPR technology utilizes muscle proprioception to gently re-align the body and recreate the benefits of the ‘cobra pose’ position in yoga. The fabrics’ stimulation of specific areas of the wearer’s skin keeps the wearer’s shoulders symmetrical and closer to the spine. This biomechanical alteration reduces stress in the neck, shoulders and back.


How Does It Work?

Our technology utilizes muscle proprioception to activate spinal extension for refined shoulder blade symmetry and increased thoracic mobility (chest expansion). The upright posture also decreases tension and muscle activity in the trapezius (shoulder muscle), activating the erector spinae (lumbar musculature) for less spinal fatigue, all of which promotes a taller stance, spinal extension, and reduced neck stress.  



Posture, Performance and Recovery in 4 Steps

  1. Shoulder blades are held closer to the spine, in symmetry instantly, comfortably and naturally. 
  2. The wearer’s diaphragm and rib cages naturally expand as a result (well known data).
  3. This natural pose re-aligns the head, neck and spine with spinal muscle activation while reducing tension in the neck and shoulder areas.
  4. The apparel’s feedback technology responds to the body, dissipating the fabrics’ tension when the body moves into natural alignment, and reactivating the same tension if the slouch occurs again. Because of this, the apparel self-corrects and continuously trains the body to be in alignment and corrects the posture; thus allowing the body to become positionally aware of where it should strive to be.

Enhancing Confidence

As posture straightens, our research shows wearers feel taller, which increases confidence and reduces fatigue. With the body in natural alignment, it can heal and recover more quickly, breathe more deeply, and move naturally, promoting a better body and mind. Our Anti-Slouch technology is invisible from the outside, allowing you to stand confidently and take care of your body.

Immediate Chest Expansion, Pre and Post Wear

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