IFGfit was founded by a veteran orthopedic sports medicine surgeon, who after decades in his field recognized a need for better human performance innovation and sports injury prevention. He was further motivated after spending months caring for his late mother while she battled late stage cancer and had difficulties with posture, pain and breathing. By focusing on improving her posture and breathing, he observed that his mother was less fatigued and able to cope better during her fight. Our mission is to apply innovative biomechanics to everyday products for the general consumer in order to improve physical and cognitive performance

This obsession with posture led to several years of R&D testing to build the first patented invisible anti-slouching posture technology in the world. IFGfit's posture products combine style and comfort and are free from bulky braces, rigid compression, wires and apps. Our fanatical team of designers, engineers, athletes and surgeons crafted a comfortable and stylish posture apparel packed with medical benefits. All products are made locally in the USA and utilize sustainable practices.

Through masterful fabric composition and engineered technology, IFGfit products instantly brings the shoulders back, open up chest, extend spine, open the hips to re-train the back muscle memory. All of these altered kinematics help combat neck and back pain to boost rehab/recovery and position you optimally for better performance and wellness.

Our team realized most recovery or performance-based gear on the market utilizes compression-based vertical tension, but compression wear is not without health risks. In addition, compression has low user compliance and is difficult to wear all day due to wet-suit like tightness and feel, thus inhibiting natural motion and chest expansion. 

Putting into practice his deep knowledge and understanding of the body’s biomechanics, Dr. Liu and the IFGfit team developed a patented performance ready Invisible Anti-Slouch technology  that instantly enables shoulders back posture, increases shoulder mobility, and activates proprioceptive muscle training, to make you stand taller, breathe deeper and eliminate neck and back pain unlike anything in the market today.

We are driven to improve your wellness in a meaningful way so that you can focus on what matters in life. Try It On! @ifgfit #IFEELGOOD