IFG Spotlight: Golf

Game changing. Literally.

Take strokes off your game, and pain off your neck/back.

Golfer Spotlight: Benjamin L.

"Being a professional golfer who's traveling and competing worldwide, recovery is of the utmost importance. IFGfit gear allows me to feel more rested on long travel days when I'm sitting on the plane for long hours or walking and playing many consecutive rounds."

-Benjamin L.

Ben's Favorite Shirt

Our PPR Jersey Polo is a smart posture perfecting gear for your office to course transition to look and feel comfortable and confident. This lightweight and smart activewear provides you our patented self-correcting posture technology and offers timeless style. Work and Play all day, and ideal recovery activewear during travel, sleep, or sports.

  • • Reduces neck and back tension during and after your game
  • • Improves thoracic mobility for better breathing, performance and recovery
  • • Easy range of motion
  • • Four-way stretch fabric that moves with you
  • • Jersey is fabric with ultimate comfort, mobility and breathability
  • • Designed in California, Made in USA

Golfer Spotlight: Mia L.

“As a competitive golfer, I’m always in need of work on my posture, nagging neck/back pain and help with recovery. The IFGfit smart posture shirt is just what I’m looking for to maintain posture during travel and after a long round of golf.”

-Mia L.

Mia's Favorite Bra

Wild at heart, the Lisa is our flagship effortless smart posture perfecting bra designed and crafted from 8 panels of smart fabrics for sensory awakening, comfort, neck-shoulder stress relief and technical performance. It offers continuous posture correction, immediate chest expansion for better breathing, thoracic mobility and confidence for all sizes. Life changing for the best version of you.

  • • Wire-free
  • • Wide and supportive underbust chest band
  • • Scooped high-rise neckline with full coverage
  • • Keyhole back opening
  • • Unlined, pullover style
  • • Four-way stretch fabric that moves with you
  • • Tested by our in-house team for the comfort fit
  • • Designed in California, Made in USA

What Other Golfers are Saying

"Wearing the IFGfit bra has helped me improve my posture. I hunch less, my shoulders are back. My chest is out, and I breathe better. I feel better after a long day of work."

-John L, PGA Tour Golfer


"On the course for eight hours a day puts a lot of strain on my neck and body. This shirt will definitely help all golfers with grueling schedules and extend their careers."

-Kate S, PGA Tour Golfer


"The IFGfit shirt is a game changer for golfers. When I have a full schedule of games, I can be hunched over for 8-10 hours per day. In my 20 years of golfing, nothing has helped me until IFGfit."

-Johann E, PGA Tour Golfer


Still Not Convinced?

FDA Class II Medical Device

IFGfit products are patented FDA Class II 510K exempt medical devices developed by a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon for athletes, to improve performance, reduce injury, and extend careers.

All Day Support and Relief

Exclusive PPR technology corrects posture and retrains spinal proprioception to combat neck and back pain, taking strokes off your game, and pain off your body.

Tax Deductible

IFGfit products are tax deductible. If you have an HSA/FSA account, you can purchase our products and file a claim with your provider to get it reimbursed.