Back pain is a leading contributor to missed work days, and has a significant impact on employee productivity and corporate healthcare costs. Back pain alone is responsible for over 264 million missed work days each year - two work days for each full-time employee in the country.

IFGfit is here to change that.

IFGfit uses science to enable apparel to improve body mechanics, and mitigates the high costs of workplace wellness issues from missed time at work. Powered by PPR, our apparel are engineered to reduce fatigue and help boost mental energy.

Our patented PPR technology works instantly and naturally to gently restore posture, reduce tension, and provide instant relief by properly realigning the head, neck, and spine.

PPR improves risk management and benefits employees across all industries.

PPR benefits workers in any office environment, as well as active workplaces involving physical activity by increasing shoulder and thoracic mobility. Your employees will instantly feel these effects – they will be able to breathe easier, feel taller, and be more confident in tackling their tasks, ultimately empowering them to work at a higher level.