Christine Bra

Women's Posture Bra

$148.00 $198.00

With a dramatic, sheer V-neck, the Christine Bra is a versatile piece designed to take you from your workout to your night out. The built-in PPR™ Technology will keep you in proper alignment to enhance your performance as you exercise. The bra is crafted to train your shoulder and spinal muscles for stability, injury prevention, and better recovery.

  • Built-in PPR™ Technology for posture alignment
  • Wire-free, underbust band for maximum support
  • Breathable, four-way stretch performance fabric
  • Medium coverage
  • Great for all cup sizes
  • Designed in California, Made in USA


PPR™ Technology

  • All of our posture correcting products are built using patented FDA 510(k)-Exempt Medical Device Posture Correction Technology, PPR™ (Posture, Performance and Recovery).
  • The PPR™ engineered fabric is built into the Posture Bra, and is designed to train and restore your posture naturally during wear.
  • No bulky braces or wiring.
  • Designed to look like standard activewear.
  • With regular wear, the PPR™ engineered activewear will retrain your body to correct your posture long term through activating and relaxing the correct muscles.