Men's Tencel V-Neck Posture Shirt (Eco-Friendly)


Patented Technology and Simplicity at its best. Our "game changer"  Tencel V-neck  Posture-Perfecting Gear features patented PPR technology which  instantly corrects your posture, boosts your recovery, rejuvenates your mental energy and reduces your neck and shoulder tension. An icon of innovation, blending sports performance, ergonomics, and injury prevention.   Perfect for Fitness, Work, Travel, and Rehabilitation. 

      • Wire Free, Patented Technology

      • Function and Therapeutic

      • Soft, breathable, eco-friendly Tencel on the outer layer

      • Engineered fabric inner layer by PPR on the inside 

      • V-shaped neckline

      • Curved shoulder seams

      • Four-way stretch fabric that moves with you

      • Designed and tested by our in-house team for the perfect fit

      • PPR inside

      • Designed in California, Made in USA