Men's Jersey Polo Posture Shirt
Men's Jersey Polo Posture Shirt
Men's Jersey Polo Posture Shirt
Men's Jersey Polo Posture Shirt

Men's Jersey Polo Posture Shirt

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Our patented PPR technology Jersey Polo is a premier posture perfecting gear for your performance on and off the course. Hand crafted to make you look and feel confident. This lightweight and performance ready activewear includes our patented posture perfecting technology and offers timeless style and comfort. The ideal recovery performance gear during travel or daily activities.

  • Patented PPR Technology
  • Function, Fitness, Rehab
  • Great for Golf, Work and Fitness
  • Without Sacrificing Style, this Non-compression Polo Reduces Neck and Back Tension during Work and Play
  • Improves Thoracic Mobility for Better Breathing, Performance and Recovery
  • Easy Range of Motion
  • Jersey is a fabric with ultimate comfort, mobility and breathability
  • Made in the USA

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