Luxe Shorts 4"

Women's Posture Shorts

$69.00 $98.00

The Luxe Contour Ergonomic Posture Shorts are so luxuriously soft that you’ll never want to wear anything else. Perfect for all-day wear, these shorts will gently correct your posture throughout the day, providing core stability and support for the lower back. 

  • Mid-rise waistband with a built-in PPR™ Technology
  • Luxuriously soft and supportive fabric for all-day wear
  • Cozy and warm
  • High-waisted, upper thigh length
  • Designed in California, made in USA


PPR Technology

  • All of our posture correcting products are built using patented FDA 510(k)-Exempt Medical Device Posture Correction Technology, PPR™ (Posture, Performance and Recovery).
  • The PPR™ engineered fabric is built into the Posture Shorts, and is designed to train and restore your posture naturally during wear.
  • No bulky braces or wiring.
  • Designed to look like standard activewear.
  • With regular wear, the PPR™ engineered activewear will retrain your body to correct your posture long term through activating and relaxing the correct muscles.