Align Shorts 9"

Men's Posture Shorts

$98.00 $118.00

The Align Ergonomic Posture Shorts are designed to improve pelvic alignment and relieve your hip and SI joints. The shorts are form-fitting and can be worn standalone or as an undergarment for all-day wear. With the built-in PPR™ Technology, these shorts instantly improve posture and accelerate muscle recovery in the anterior hip muscles, lower back, quads, hamstrings and glutes, while also supporting your groin by aligning the lower spine and hips into a neutral position. The shorts are a great companion to our Posture Shirts, so you can get support for both upper and lower body for full body alignment.

  • Built-in PPR™ Technology for maximum support
  • Made with our signature high-performance interlock fabric
  • Sweat-wicking, breathable 
  • Designed for high mobility and full range of motion, adaptable across indoor, office and outdoor settings
  • Great for all-day wear
  • Designed in California, made in USA


    PPR™ Technology

    • All of our posture correcting products are built using patented FDA 510(k)-Exempt Medical Device Posture Correction Technology, PPR™ (Posture, Performance and Recovery).
    • The PPR™ engineered fabric is built into the Posture Shorts, and is designed to train and restore your posture naturally during wear.
    • No bulky braces or wiring.
    • Designed to look like standard activewear.
    • With regular wear, the PPR™ engineered activewear will retrain your body to correct your posture long term through activating and relaxing the correct muscles.