The Story Behind IFGfit

Founded by an orthopedic surgeon, Stephen Liu, MD, IFGfit is revolutionizing apparel design with its instant postural recovery technology (PPR®), by naturally realigning the wearer’s head, neck and spine.

In an attempt to improve his mother’s poor posture and low energy state while battling through cancer, Dr. Liu recognized the need to create an apparel that, through masterful fabric composition and construct technology, can instantly bring confidence and an upright posture to improve physical wellness and mental energy.

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The IFGfit difference

Unique to IFGfit products is the absence of compression, whereas most other recovery apparel in the market uses compression-based solutions, trying to ‘fix’ the wearer, and inhibiting natural movement in the process. Dr. Liu understood that employing Horizontal Tension™ to naturally realign posture could promote natural movement rather than inhibiting it.

Dr. Liu’s knowledge and understanding of the body’s biomechanics and its natural alignment, and spinal support needs enabled him to create a technology using body’s natural muscle and spinal kinematics, but with a more consistent, comfortable, fashionable and ergonomic-focused approach. IFGfit’s range of men's and women’s apparel offer sleek, sophisticated lifestyle designs, ranging from workout to leisure to office styles and logistics. IFGfit is connected to your body, like a smartphone or wallet, but with health benefits.

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How it works

IFGfit's technology has a breathable outer fabric layer and an invisible Anti-Slouch inner layer. The engineered lining and posture, performance, and recovery (PPR®) oriented fabric construction gently adjusts the body to recreate some of the benefits of the ‘cobra pose’ position in yoga.

The tandem of the different fabrics’ stimulation of the skin and their underlying muscle and joints,pulls the wearer’s shoulders down and back, promoting ideal posture.

  • Shoulders are pulled back, which brings the resting scapular distance closer together.
  • The wearer’s diaphragm and rib cages naturally expand as a result.
  • This posture aligns the head, neck, and spine, with spinal support.
  • The apparel’s feedback technology responds to the body, dissipating the fabrics’ tension when the body moves into natural alignment, and reactivating the same tension if the slouch occurs again. Because of this, the apparel trains the body to be in alignment.


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Other benefits

Spinal support is increased with this refined posture, as the thoracic extension activates the lumbar musculature. The upright posture also decreases tension and muscle activity in the trapezius (shoulder muscle), providing for deeper breathing and alignment that promotes recovery and performance. As posture straightens, the wearer feels taller, which increases confidence and reduces fatigue. With the body in natural alignment, it can heal and recover more quickly, breathe more deeply, and move naturally, promoting health and comfort in all areas of life.

Slip into the new science of fashion innovation and experience a line of apparel that works for you. IFGfit is so much more than apparel. It’s part of your living, to stand tall, to sit upright, to breathe better, all in the way of posture, performance and recovery.

Written by Bethany Swan