The Story Behind IFGfit

Bethany Swan

Founded by an orthopedic surgeon, Stephen Liu, MD, IFGfit is revolutionizing apparel design with its instant postural recovery technology (PPR®), by naturally realigning the wearer’s head, neck and spine. In an attempt to improve his mother’s poor posture and low energy state while battling through cancer, Dr. Liu recognized the need to create an apparel that, through masterful fabric composition and construct technology, can instantly bring confidence and an upright posture to improve physical wellness and mental energy.   The IFGfit difference Unique to IFGfit products is the absence of compression, whereas most other recovery apparel in the market uses...

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How IFGfit Promotes Deeper Breathing

Brian Bernstein

  IFGfit is the first clothing of its kind designed to auto-correct posture, performance, and recovery, thanks to the proprietary material composition and engineered construct. Created by Dr. Stephen Liu, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon with over 20 years of experience, IFGfit by PPR clothing works naturally, instantly, and continuously to realign the wearer’s head, neck, and spine without compression and expand the chest for easier breathing, during work, play, and travel. Throughout the day, whether you’re exercising or working at your desk, posture can become poor. A natural forward slouch like a rounded T-Rex separates (or widens) your shoulder...

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