IFGfit instant posture correction bra for chest expansion and better breathing


IFGfit is the first clothing of its kind designed to auto-correct posture, performance, and recovery, thanks to the proprietary material composition and engineered construct. Created by Dr. Stephen Liu, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon with over 20 years of experience, IFGfit by PPR clothing works naturally, instantly, and continuously to realign the wearer’s head, neck, and spine without compression and expand the chest for easier breathing, during work, play, and travel.

Throughout the day, whether you’re exercising or working at your desk, posture can become poor. A natural forward slouch like a rounded T-Rex separates (or widens) your shoulder blades and limits your diaphragm’s range of motion, which restricts deeper breathing.

IFGfit’s technology rivals poor posture

The recovery-oriented IFGfit shirts boast horizontal tension technology with an engineered inner lining integration, which works to improve posture in the following ways:

  • Poor posture is a result of widened protracted shoulder blades. This results in fabric tension, which then stimulates the skin to reduce the scapular distance between the shoulder blades (retraction).
  • The tension of the shirt’s fabrics and construct work to gently pinch shoulder blades together, improving posture and enhancing shoulder mobility. Concomitantly, it activates spinal muscles to further extend the lower spine for better spine support in posture performance.
  • Once the shoulders are pulled down and back into their natural alignment, activity in the trapezius muscle can relax, helping to rectify kyphotic (rounded upper back) posture.
  • Once in proper posture, the tension created by the shirt’s fabrics dissipate thanks to the shirt’s integrated feedback technology.

With a straight and aligned posture, your diaphragm has room to properly expand downward to promote deeper breathing. Additionally, this gives room for the ribcage to expand, which decreases any air pressure in the lungs.

So, even in situations where you always find yourself slouching - such as in a long meeting at work - IFGfit is working for you, promoting a cobra pose-like posture, expanding your lung capacity. With your shoulder blades closer together and posture taller, you’re able to breathe deeper all day long without even thinking about it.  


IFGfit instant posture correction shirt for chest expansion and better breathing

Why deeper breathing is important

There are a number of reasons why deeper breathing should be a priority to you, including:

  1. A slower heart rate. When the body receives more oxygen from deep and slow breathing, it naturally relaxes. Contrast this with short, rapid breaths from a contracted diaphragm. As a result of the increased access to oxygen, your heart rate slows, helping you to feel more calm.
  1. Reduced stress. A slow heart rate and deep breaths indicate to the body that you are safe. As a result, stress and anxiety are lessened. This is the same reason you’re advised to take deep, slow breaths when you’re nervous. It signals to the body that everything is okay, so you can think sharper in stressful situations without the panic.
  1. More focused concentration. Your brain functions at a higher rate when it has access to more oxygen, making it easier to focus.
Written by Brian Bernstein