IFGfit Posture Correction, Correct Set Up Golf

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Muscle and physical fatigue in golf is a common culprit for a decline in performance over the course of 18 holes and over the course of several rounds. After hours on the course, golfers experience fatigue ranging from subtle to crippling on those last few holes. And for those who need to play for several rounds, muscle fatigue and an ability to recover quickly is all the difference in winning. 

IFGfit to Combat Fatigue

When the body is in correct posture and alignment, however, fatigue is less likely to strike. and you can breathe better with better posture. IFGfit’s horizontal PPR (Posture, Performance, and Recovery) technology promotes thoracic mobility, chest expansion, and taller posture gently and continuously. Our activewear has come in an array of styles, such as the classic Men’s Core polo and crew shirt, and work for the golfer throughout all 18 holes and several rounds. The mesh technology within the shirt brings shoulder blades in symmetry, down and back, helping to bring the body into correct alignment.

With correct posture and body mechanics, performance improves in a way that can be sustained throughout all 18 holes, and likely for each round of competition. In addition, the ability in boosting body recovery enhances mental energy. Typical muscle fatigue can be lessened when the body is in correct alignment and proper set up all day long, because unnecessary tension melts away from the shoulders, neck, and back when the shoulder blades come closer together.

Increased thoracic mobility and correct posture enhances the golf set up on the course rather than slouching over, keeping the body alert, empowering each golfer who wears IFGfit to play their best throughout their last holes.

Golf, ifgfit, i feel good, ppr, golfer, chest expansion, better breathing, powered by ppr, body alignment, fatigue, good posture


Ways that Golfer’s Fatigue Strikes 

Fatigue is a challenge for golfers in the following ways:

  1. Poor posture places more pressure on the legs and spine, overworking them. This leg fatigue means they aren’t used as much as they should be in the swing. If a swing has ever felt ‘off’ late in the game, it’s likely due to overworked legs. This often results in shorter and less consistent shots.

IFGfit keeps the body in correct posture throughout the round, keeping the legs free of any additional pressure or overworking from slouching.

  1. Slouching throughout the day makes the body feel tired. In an experiment with 61 participants, Dr. Erik Peper, PhD of San Francisco State University found that slouching and poor posture can decrease energy levels. Those who walked or ‘skipped’ with tall posture reported feeling happier and more positive, whereas those who slouched felt ‘zombie-like.’

Throughout a round of golf, it’s imperative that mental energy remains high for increased concentration and focus. Feeling more energized throughout each round sustains high performance. In tall and aligned posture from an IFGfit shirt, mental fatigue is lessened despite the long day.

  1. Back fatigue is perhaps the most uncomfortable. If posture is off or slouching, improper posture can stress back muscles throughout the day and during swings. It’s challenging to take one’s best swing when their back is aching, so it’s critical to lessen any type of muscle fatigue throughout the game of golf.

To combat these three common instances of golfer’s fatigue, wear an IFGfit piece for your next round. The difference in posture and performance will be noticeable, living up to the ‘PPR’ (Posture, Performance, and Recovery) name.

Written by Stephen Liu