A Look Inside the Crazy World of IFGfit Fabrics

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Are your senses awakened to your apparel?  

Most clothing items are made with a blend of only one or two fabrics. There is nothing wrong with this, but the IFGfit differences comes down to its use of six premium quality fabrics within its bra, and also several fabrics in its apparel.

I feel good, ifgfit, better breathing, body alignment, cobra pose, sports bra, ppr, powered by ppr


It works because of the way that skin and muscles react to clothing on a body. When there is only one fabric in a clothing item, skin tends to adapt to the feel of the fabric. The clothing is worn effortlessly, without causing any type of continual friction or sensation. The clothing simply drapes over the body.

However, IFGfit’s apparel goes further than any other type of clothing. Although the styles are classic and fashionable, the true power of IFGfit goes inside the crazy world of the IFGfit fabrics within the apparel itself. The expert lacing of variable tension fabrics keeps the skin awakened with the shirt, bra, or leggings, which is what enables IFGfit’s horizontal technology to work so well while also being non-compressive. It’s the engineered placement of the fabrics that determines how the body responds, and the alignment of the mesh interlining of the apparel brings shoulder blades together.

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Founder Dr. Stephen Liu, an orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, worked for many years through multiple prototypes to find the perfect blend of the right fabrics and their placement. Whereas previously one had to wear a back brace to be held in proper posture, the tension from the combination of IFGfit’s multiple tension fabrics alone creates a continual sensation or friction against the body. The expert placement of these fabrics both on the outside and the inside on the apparel to gently auto- correct posture and alignment.

It works as follows:

  1. When the body is slouching, the various engineered fabrics within the IFGfit piece create a proprioceptive tension that activates the skin and muscle, pulling them into correct posture. Aligned posture means that the wearer’s shoulders are down and back, with their shoulder blades closer together. This proud stance aligns the head, neck, and shoulders in the correct way, expand chest cavity, and extends the spine for a taller posture.

  1. Once the body is in the correct posture, the tension of the fabrics cease. This trains the body to stay in alignment on its own.

  1. When the body tries to sink back into its natural slouch, the fabrics pinch together, activating the tension once again.

This patented technology is forging a new frontier in wearable auto posture- correcting options. Six fabrics alone can do what a back brace needed to do for decades prior. It’s now easier than ever to achieve all-day taller stance, sitting straight pose, less neck tension, and better physical and mental wellness by IFGfit fabrics.

Written by Bethany Swan