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  • Posture correction is one of the most instantly transformative changes a person can make to their appearance and health.


Posture correction is one of the most instantly transformative changes a person can make to their appearance and health. Shop Best Selling





When you stop compressing your lungs by slouching, you increase the flow of oxygen to your brain. This enhances your cognitive performance and greatly reduces fatigue and injury.


Confident posture quietly announces your arrival. You’ll be out in the world at your true height, and will always maximize the appearance of the body you have.


Perfecting internal alignment by opening up the shoulders, chest and hips, you will greatly reduce joint and muscle stress, ensuring  quicker recovery. You are also likely to notice less tension headaches, and enhance ergonomic. 


Our products are designed to be worn at home, at work, travel, and during your workout so you can improve your posture un-consciously, and prevent injury thru muscle training. Good posture is about retraining your body for life, and unlike other products, we re-condition your muscles without making you constantly aware that you're wearing a device.


As a surgeon, I get a lot of neck strain and shoulder fatigue from performing numerous surgeries per day. The IFGfit smart posture gear is very comfortable, and it has relieved my neck and back tension from taking care of patients.

Earl B., Orthopedic Oncology Surgeon

I have been using IFGfit for about six months, and I have seen an incredible difference in my posture, golf game and breathing after having a double lung transplant last year.

Jim Hinckley, CEO Century Golf Partners and American Golf

I love wearing my IFGfit Lisa bra. It's excellent for recovery after a long day of seeing patients. It's both relaxing and soothes my chronic neck pain.

Dr. Allison Rifkin, Dentist

This has become the only bra that I use for my yoga classes. I ALWAYS got comments from instructors telling me to correct my posture during certain poses - since I've started wearing this bra, I have not gotten any comments!

Carly C., Yoga practitioner

I have been wearing the IFGfit shirt for the past year on tour and it has been a game changer for me. It definitely helps keep my posture, and my back feels much less tight after all the travel.

Rohan Ramnath, Pro Golfer, PGA Tour LatAm

This shirt is unreal. It can help everyone everyday. It's not just for tennis pros.

Nick Bolletieri, Hall of Fame Tennis Coach

The first time I put the IFGfit shirt on was amazing. It naturally teaches you to pull the shoulders back, open up the chest and aligns the body the way we are supposed to be. It is effortless, painless and reduces muscle tension while improving breathing. I want all my clients to wear this.

Svet Binev, Athletic Trainer, Former 2x World Sumo Wrestling Champion, Bulgarian National Team Coach

It feels good! Usually I slouch all the time at work, but with this you feel a natural pinching of shoulder blades. It really expands my chest, improves my posture and I feel taller and more confident. Wearing this engages my shoulder blades back and would highly recommend to any professional.

Josh Zhang, VP of Acquisitions, FCPT

I've noticed that it's easier to breathe and I feel less tired over the course of the day. Other people also notice and frequently ask whether I've been working out when in reality it's just the shirt which has made my upper body look bigger.

James S., Early adopter

IFGfit’s activewear are clinically proven to facilitate rapid muscle and joint recovery from the demands of athletics, healthcare,  and common office work related musculoskeletal fatigue. The patented PPR technology, built into the seams of the activewear, motivates ideal posture alignment, re-trains the shoulders, spine, hip, along with expanding the chest allowing for deeper breathing for enhanced cognitive performance. When you wear one of IFGfit’s garments, you’ll have the same range of motion that you would with any other t-shirt or bra.