Between slouching over your laptop at the kitchen table, and all the extra hours on the couch, staying in can be affecting your spinal health. Try our FDA Posture Correcting Apparel to restore your posture and reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. 


No wires. No skin-tight compression garments. Nothing that sticks to your body and zaps you.

This is completely wearable ergonomic activewear with our FDA 510(k)-Exempt Medical Device, patented PPR technology built into the fabric, which immediately springs your shoulders back, expands the chest, and retrains your spine and hips into better alignment.


I've noticed that it's easier to breathe and I feel less tired over the course of the day. Other people also notice and frequently ask whether I've been working out when in reality it's just the shirt which has made my upper body look bigger.
This has become the only bra that I use for my yoga classes. I ALWAYS got comments from instructors telling me to correct my posture during certain poses - since I've started wearing this bra, I have not gotten any comments!
It feels good! Usually I slouch all the time at work, but with this you feel a natural pinching of shoulder blades. It really expands my chest, improves my posture and I feel taller and more confident. Wearing this engages my shoulder blades back and would highly recommend to any professional.
As a surgeon, I get a lot of neck strain and shoulder fatigue from performing numerous surgeries per day. The IFGfit smart posture gear is very comfortable, and it has relieved my neck and back tension from taking care of patients.
I love wearing my IFGfit Lisa bra. It's excellent for recovery after a long day of seeing patients. It's both relaxing and soothes my chronic neck pain.